About Us

The CITRIS Invention Lab supports faculty, student and community innovation by providing the knowledge, tools and support to rapidly design and prototype novel interactive products, embedded sensing systems and integrated mobile devices. This facility is a vital piece of the CITRIS pipeline running from the minds of researchers through CITRIS laboratories, and into the markets, industries, and streets of the world. The 1,700 ft2 Invention Lab is located on the first floor of Sutardja Dai Hall at UC Berkeley and supports 3 major functions:

  • Learn: Faculty teach Engineering and New Media courses on interactive product design and prototyping.
  • Build: The lab offers a full suite of tools, technical support and fabrication services for creating functional prototypes.
  • Launch: The lab promotes turning concepts and ideas into new ventures by offering work space for the Foundry business incubator.

The Invention Lab offers a variety of prototyping equipment ranging from basic craft tools to electronics workbenches, CAD stations and professional digital fabrication machines.  Common prototyping materials and supplies are available for purchase in the lab. Lab staff provides additional guidance and support for design and equipment use. Together, these assets have already helped students turn ideas such as cloud-based car diagnostic devices, smart hydration tracking cups and phone-controlled irrigation systems into functional prototypes.


The Invention Lab and its courses is supported by CITRIS, the Berkeley Swarm Lab, a research gift from Google, and an equipment loan from Immersion.