Get a Maker Pass

Available to all UC Berkeley students, faculty, and staff from any department, the Maker Pass is a point of entry to hands-on making in the CITRIS Invention Lab. 

The Maker Pass is available through The Jacobs Institute for Design Innovation Maker Pass system.

Please email us below (step 1): with type of maker pass you would like to purchase. Include your full name, SID# from the front of your Cal 1 card and the first 6 digits in the  lower right from the back of your Cal 1 card. If you are purchasing a Research Maker Pass – include a chart string or account speed type to charge to.

You will be invited to activate a Invention Lab Material Store account where you can purchase a Maker Pass.

– $125/semester for individuals
– $250/semester for researchers 

Fee waivers are available by request for students with financial need.



Expand Your Skills: 

CITRIS Invention Lab and Jacobs Hall staff reserve the right to revoke Maker Passes as they see fit due to violations of safety, building or university rules, policies, and procedures.

Billing Information

Store balances for students will be sent to CalCentral automatically at the end of the semester. Charges will appear under “CalCentral – My Finances”.

Staff, group accounts, and students who opt out of CalCentral billing must complete payment by the deadline. Personal checks, money orders, and cashier’s checks made out to “UC Regents” are accepted. You may also mail checks. For Chartstring/department-to-department payments, please email


To best serve the needs of the entire CITRIS Invention Lab community, we ask that you follow the following reasonable usage policies. These policies are designed to improve utilization and access to all lab resources by everyone.

3D Printer Usage Policy:
– Maximum of one 3D printer per user at a time
– 3D print jobs over 4 hours in duration must run overnight
– 3D print jobs that start after 9pm cannot be over 12 hours long
– Jobs over 12 hours need to be scheduled with a Lab Manager​


What is the difference between an Individual and Research Level Maker Pass? 
Research Level users gain additional access and support, including Ultimaker S5, Full Size Shopbot, early lab entry starting at 7:30am on weekdays, and one-on-one trainings with a Lab Manager (up to 2 hours/semester). Any fees incurred by lab members can be billed to a chart string and not directly to the CalCentral account of the researcher, avoiding the need for reimbursement.

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