We are excited to share that CITRIS Invention Lab manager Kuan-Ju Wu has won the 23rd Japan Media Art Festival Excellence Award for his collaborative work Soundform No.1!


The emphasis that media art has come to place on “sound art” signifies a departure from traditional aesthetics in the fields of art and music. There has been a pitfall there, wherein all sound art production reliant on computer software, ever since the advent of the textually-oriented onkyo-ha genre, has exhibited some convergence, in a trend toward sameness. The revalidation of contact with physical phenomena and the realm of actual objects, as well as live execution, in order to attain the characteristic quality of software eschewal, can be deemed a novel mode of post-digital materialism.

One of CITRIS Invention Lab’s mission is to foster art+tech, creative making culture for UC Berkeley community. Please come join us to make more art. The new Snapfab v2 service is open to all campus member.



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