Swarm Retreat 2014


Hello and welcome to the swarm lab retreat.  In order to get your device up and running please download and install the following programs to your computer:

Data Store

The data store is running at http://husk.eecs.berkeley.edu:8080/ . The homepage lists available commands.


Data Visualization

The data visualizer is running at http://husk.eecs.berkeley.edu/projects/swarmretreat/sensorvis/

You can also download the source file from Github and run it on your own machine in a Web browser:  https://github.com/bjo3rn/sensorstore/tree/master/clients/sensorvis


If-This-Then-That Rule Interface


You can also download the source file from Github and run it on your own machine in a Web browser: https://github.com/bjo3rn/sensorstore/tree/master/clients/ifttt




Your Swarmbots are set up to report analog voltages from 0V to 3.3V on the 10 analog pins.

To reprogram them, you’ll need Arduino version 1.0.5 NOT 1.5.6-r2 BETA.  Version 1.0.5 can be found here:


The teensyduino (Along with the serial program for windows or the udev rules for linux can be found here:


Download and install teensyduino according to the instructions found on that page.

Then finally install the CC3000 libraries:


This library needs to go into your arduino libraries folder.  See here:


The program needs to be modified to use the correct pins.  Please use the following pins in your program:

The wireless section of your code will look like:

#define WLAN_SSID       “EECS”        // cannot be longer than 32 characters!
#define WLAN_PASS       “Thequickbrown”

Here is an info page on the Bjoern Key Value Store:



TI SensorTag Information

If you’d like to get up and running quickly with a simple wireless sensor platform, we have several TI SensorTags that have two buttons and can sense orientation, temperature, humidity, and magnetic fields.

The SensorTags communicate with Bluetooth Low Energy and are brought online with our fabryq platform.

To get started with fabryq, all you need to do is grab a SensorTag from the front desk and navigate to

http://www.fabryq.org/tagprograms/micro_tag_flex_{NUMBER ON TAG FROM 1-10}.html

For instance, if you had tag 9, you’d go to http://www.fabryq.org/tagprograms/micro_tag_flex_9.html

On that page, view the page source and copy all of it into a text editor. From there all you have to do is open the file in a web browser (tested with Chrome) and data will start streaming from the sensor.

Check out the comments in the html file for more info and to enable or disable sensors.