Running the Invention Lab can be expensive. The success of the Invention Lab is made possible through the generous support of academic organizations, corporate sponsorship and individual donors. In order to guarantee the sustainability of the lab for future students and entrepreneurs, we invite potential donors to join the Invention Lab as a corporate members.

Invention Lab membership provides member companies access to faculty, undergraduates and graduate students involved in interdisciplinary design & engineering courses, research and startups. The lab is home to a an extremely diverse set of projects that range from ubiquitous sensing and human-computer interface design to neuroscience and robotics. Members also benefit from external collaborations. The Invention Lab is focused on an integrated systems approach to solving high-impact problems – design, hardware, software and services – and works closely with other leading Berkeley centers (CITRIS, Swarm Lab, BID, BWRC, BSAC, BCNM).

Members support the Invention Lab by making available an [highlight] annual unrestricted fund of $50,000 [/highlight] . The unrestricted annual fund eliminates contracts and maximizes member investments.

Member benefits include:


  • Direct access to Invention Lab faculty, undergraduates and graduate students
  • Open access to all courses and projects within the Invention Lab
  • Attendance to Invention Lab events including tradeshows and hackathons
  • Direct sponsorship of one event or hackathon per academic year
  • Priority access to undergraduate and graduate students for internships and full-time positions
  • Public acknowledgements of sponsorship in all communications media and signage in the lab

[/qd_list] For more information on corporate membership, please contact Prof. Bjoern Hartman & Prof. Eric Paulos.

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