Invention Lab Member and Fellowship recipient Lark Buckingham (who can be found most days in the lab iterating on one of her various projects) is presenting her work at The Annual Murphy and Cadogan Contemporary Art Awards Exhibition.

Lark has used the lab to help integrate physical computing and interactivity into her art practice.  She is creating a family of desktop and wearable devices whose application of heart data point to a near future where big data analysis could decode the black box of human emotion. The design projects (with accompanying performance and film) use heart rate sensors to explore the shrinking sphere of privacy in the information age, and focus attention on the political, personal, and social implications of the dissolving boundary between body and machine.

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The exhibition which runs September 3–26, 2015 showcases 24 promising visual artists working across disciplines and identifies young artists whose work intersects with emerging trends from Master of Fine Arts programs throughout the Bay Area.