After a great summer, the Lab is gearing up for a very busy Fall semester.  Lab Director Eric Paulos shared his thoughts on the new semester:

Welcome back to another exciting semester of Innovating and Making at the CITRIS Invention Lab!   The Invention Lab will re-open for Fall 2015 on Wed 26 August 2015.  We are looking forward to some exciting new projects and people as well as new equipment including 5 new 3D Printers supporting new flexible materials, dual extrusion, PET+, as well as a new high power, larger format laser cutter, and much much more.

We are looking forward to refocusing the lab on several new themes as a number of courses previously held in the Invention Lab move in our shiny new Jacobs Institute for Design Innovation building.  However, at least until 14 Sep, a number of those courses will still find their home in the Invention Lab as we await the final installment of equipment into Jacobs Hall.  So while the Invention lab will continue to serve the UC Berkeley campus community of innovators and makers, it will be busier than usual for the first several weeks of classes.

Current Lab members may want to find time to complete their quick updated safety training starting on Monday (see Invention Lab calendar) prior to the lab’s official opening when the students form the courses will be filling up many of the safety training slots.