As we continue to expand and open the Invention Lab to the UC Berkeley community, our lab managers have been swamped with an increased workload. While Chris M. & Mark O. enjoy the occasional late-night prototyping sessions, they (sometimes) like to go home to their families. To help alleviate their workload and extend our hours, we’ve brought on new Inventioneers! Some of you may have already met them, but I’d like to officially introduce them. They’ll be providing extra hours and will post additional hours whenever they are in the lab. So check the calendar or follow us @InventCITRIS to get the latest lab hours. If you’re also looking for even more lab hours, feel free to bribe our fellow Inventioneers to open up the lab πŸ™‚ So without further ado, I’d like to welcome our 6 new Inventioneers: Valkyrie, Tim, Cesar, Ben, Mark F. & Timmy!

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