Prof. Bjoern Hartmann & Prof. Eric Paulos were recently named the Co-Directors of the CITRIS Invention Lab. As a Co-Founder of the Invention Lab, Prof. Hartmann has been instrumental in the development of the Invention Lab. Prof. Paulos joined the Lab during the Fall of 2012 and began teaching a new course on Critical Making. Both Professors bring their extensive experience in interactive product design and engineering to the lab and will oversee the expansion of the facilities.


Prof. Bjoern Hartmann

Assistant Professor
Electrical Engineering & Computer Science

Prof. Hartmann’s research in Human-Computer Interaction focuses on novel design, prototyping, and implementation tools for the era of post-personal computing. As our interaction with computation increasingly moves away from single-user desktop applications, Prof. Hartmann investigates two particular frontiers: tool support for user interfaces that leverage novel form factors (e.g., sensors and actuators); and interfaces that rely on crowds of users for their core functionality. Prof. Hartmann’s research also helps end-user groups become more proficient in complex user interface tools and programming systems. Methodologically, Prof. Hartmann’s group predominantly focuses on systems research: we contribute complex, working interactive systems that embody our research ideas and enable us to test specific hypotheses. Prof. Hartmann is a Qualcomm Faculty Fellow and has received an NSF CAREER award, Sloan fellowship, Okawa research award as well as multiple best paper prizes at top HCI conferences like CHI and UIST for our work.

Prof. Hartmann is a co-director of two research units: the Berkeley Institute of Design and the Swarm Lab; and he is a member of the Visual Computing Lab. He co-initiated the Course Thread in Human-Centered Design, an undergraduate certificate program; and the CITRIS Invention Lab, a new digital fabrication and rapid prototyping space. He also spend time with the great colleagues at the Berkeley Center for New Media, and theCal Design Lab. Prof. Hartmann received his PhD from the Stanford Computer Science department in 2009 where he worked with Scott Klemmer (dissertation). He received an MSE in Computer and Information Science as well as Undergraduate Degrees in Digital Media Design and Communication from the University of Pennsylvaniain 2002.

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Prof. Eric Paulos

Assistant Professor
Electrical Engineering & Computer Science

Prof. Paulos is the Director of the Living Environments Lab and an Assistant Professor in the Berkeley Center for New Media (BCNM) with a faculty appointment within the Electrical Engineering Computer Science Department at UC Berkeley. Previously, Prof. Paulos held the Cooper-Siegel Associate Professor Chair in the School of Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University where he was faculty within the Human-Computer Interaction Institute with courtesy faculty appointments in the Robotics Institute and in the Entertainment Technology Center. Prior to CMU, Prof. Paulos was Senior Research Scientist at Intel Research in Berkeley, California where he founded the Urban Atmospheres research group. His areas of expertise span a deep body of research territory in urban computing, sustainability, green design, environmental awareness, social telepresence, robotics, physical computing, interaction design, persuasive technologies, and intimate media. Prof. Paulos received his PhD in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from UC Berkeley where he helped launch a new robotic industry by developing some of the first internet tele-operated robots including Space Browsing helium filled blimps and Personal Roving Presence devices (PRoPs). Prof. Paulos is also the founder and director of the Experimental Interaction Unit and a frequent collaborator with Mark Pauline of Survival Research Laboratories.

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